andy whitham ~ “A Life In The Spotlight ”

Self Employed Professional Entertainer

1990 - 2004 : Performing my one man variety show at holiday hotels throughout Torbay, Devon, over 3,500 shows

Awards : Torbay Hotel Entertainer of the Year 5 years out of 10

My customers were hotels in Torbay that took coaches and private guests.

I soon built up a fine reputation with my variety show. A 2 and a half hour non-stop evening full of music, dancing, competitions, prizes, game shows and laughter. I was soon doing up to 300 shows a year. I used to set up for the show during the daytime, then travel to the hotel in the evening, start at 8.30pm, finish at around 11pm, strip down and home by midnight most nights. The show went very, very well and was received by old and young alike. I kept the guests in all evening and let them go to bed when I was ready.

2004 - 2010 : Performing my one man variety show at holiday hotels throughout Scotland. Had the opportunity of living and working in Scotland in 2004, initially managing a friend of mine’s hotel for a year before the lure of the business brought me back to wanting to carry on with the show, this time in Scotland. This, in the fullness of time would prove to be a huge mistake, reasons will be explained elsewhere. But I had great reviews both from hotel managers and guests alike and was travelling up to 1000 miles each week, from Aviemore one night, to Oban the next, then Grantown, Fort William etc, a huge strain on the eyes but its all part of the job and Scotland is a beautiful country to enjoy life in. If I was in Inverness one evening I would leave home at approx 6pm for an 8.30pm start, giving me time for the 80 mile drive to Inverness & setting up time . Unlike my 14 years in Torbay I couldnt drive to the venue to set-up during the daytime due to the high mileage from Pitlochry, so I timed my arrival early evening to coincide with the hotel guests out of the ballroom and in the restaurant eating their evening meals.

I lost count the hundred upon hundred of times I have unloaded the car with the gear, then reloaded afterwards , arriving home in the early hours.