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           JASC Paint Shop Pro  versions  5  - 6  & 7

My first graphic design programme in 1998 , I started off with version 4 and still use version 7 today. In  2000 I started to take design more seriously and joined online Paint Shop Pro design groups.

Whilst I was learning in the Paint Shop Pro groups, I enjoyed finding out about the many, many effects and manipulations that can be created within the programme. An amazing programme and the more I learned about things the more I wanted to create. Below are a few of the many created graphics that I learned to make, including frames, cutouts, vectors and so much more :   Click on each graphic to see larger size

I created all these graphics that you see above using Paint Shop Pro versions 5 , 6 & 7 Created in 2000 , 2001 , 2002 & 2003 Home HOME